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How do you know the original honey?

How do you know the original honey? How do you know the original honey? How do you know the original honey?

Laboratory analysis

Original honey can be found through laboratory analysis or testing the purity of honey in laboratories, and this can be verified before the purchase, by looking at its list of ingredients.

Stable carbon isotope test

This method is considered one of the best industrial methods of high complexity, which is used to verify honey that is present in large quantities, as is the case in both factories and companies, where this method is recommended by the AWAC Association, which is the official analytical association for chemists, and this mechanism of action The method in the assay is a variation in the stable carbon isotope rate for protein and sugar compounds.

Isotope classification technology

Isotope classification technology is one of the effective methods that would reveal artificial honey or natural honey mixed with adulterated honey, which contains vegetable sugars, and includes pineapple sugar, corn syrup, or corn cane, and others. The isotope technique determines the extent of fraud in Honey, however, this technique is not able to distinguish plant sugars derived from C3, such as beet sugar, and only detects additions derived from C4.

Specifications of the original honey

The original honey has many characteristics and characteristics that distinguish it from others, the most prominent of which are as follows:

  • It is characterized by its delicious taste.
  • It contains a high percentage of enzymes.
  • Significantly reduces sensitivity.
  • It contains a high content of antioxidants.
  • It has no stickiness, as it can be rubbed between fingers.
  • Not liquid, as it is difficult to flow from one place to another.
  • Insoluble in water.

The original honey

The pure and original natural honey is that honey that is produced by bees, where it is obtained and collected manually by workers in the farms, and it is emptied and kept in packages in preparation for transfer to the consumer, so that no manufactured materials are added to it, including preservatives, And the hosts of colour, flavour, dyes, sugars, etc., and not even the use of bees that are genetically modified, all of the above makes honey an abnormal or original component, and it enters it into the synthetic compounds.


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