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What are the Date ingredients?

What are the Date ingredients? The benefits What are the Date ingredients? The benefits What are the Date ingredients? The benefits What are the Date ingredients? The benefits

Date ingredients

Dates contain many benefits, it contains protein, minerals, fat, as is the date rich in minerals and dietary fibre so that it contains vitamin B complex, such as:

  • Thiamine B1.
  • Riboflavin B2.
  • Pyridoxine B6.

It also contains carbohydrates that constitute 70%, most of them are glucose and fructose, in addition to containing proteins rich in amino acids that are rich in acid, but contain a small percentage of methionine and cysteine, and the minerals that are in the fruit of the date are calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and copper Phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sulphur, fluorine, manganese and many others, and dates fruit contains many medicinal properties, especially when consumed and mixed with medicinal herbs so that dates help to prevent chronic diseases, and the ability to stop It includes diabetes, treatment of vascular diseases, heart diseases, and cancer prevention, and it has anti-oxidant properties that help reduce cholesterol in the blood.

The benefits of dates

Dates contain many benefits that are endless, so it is used in folk medicine to treat fever, infections, neurological disorders, loss of consciousness, and dementia. It also contains antagonists to treat liver effects. There are also many published ancient manuscripts describing the medical and curative benefits of dates. And, like its therapeutic effect against infections and microbes, and dates fruit is used in many matters, including used to make drinks, alcohol, and vinegar, as used in the authorities.

Dates quality features

Among the characteristics that distinguish the quality of dates, which must be available in the date fruit are the following:

  • Colour: the availability of the distinct colour of dates indicating maturity.
  • Flavour: the sugar level in dates.
  • Humidity: The normal humidity in dates is around 26-30%.
  • Free from defects: such as cracks and damage on the surface of dates, in addition to the dates free of insects.


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