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How do I keep bananas from black?

G How do I keep bananas from black?

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The Banana

Banana is a tropical fruit of great importance worldwide and is available on the market throughout the year as it can be stored for preservation. Some see that calling a banana a banana tree is wrong, as they see it as a weed rather than a tree because the stem of this plant is a leaf that wraps around each other, just as its stem is not of wood.

Bananas grow better and better in fertile soil, which is not alkaline, which is not salty, and just as the land must be excellent light in the drainage of water, and not thick, and irrigation should not be excessive so that the roots do not rot if they are planted in thick, poor soil Drainage for water. Bananas contain an excellent amount of nutrients beneficial to the body, including minerals: such as potassium, vitamins: vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, and a number of B-complex vitamins, and also contain tryptophan that stimulates sleep. He was known to the Indians as the food of philosophers because of what they ate.

Banana benefits

Bananas help improve digestion, in addition to its ability to make a person feel full. It also works to prevent stomach ulcers from occurring and reduces their effects. It reduces the acidity that occurs in the stomach after eating by neutralizing it and strengthens its inner wall. Bananas soften the stomach and thus reduce the incidence of constipation, because it contains fibres that help in the movement of the intestine, and thus maintains the health of the intestine.

Eating bananas helps provide the body with the energy it needs to perform its work actively, reduces mindfulness, helps focus, and is also beneficial for athletes, as it helps to reduce the occurrence of muscle cramps during exercise, and bananas are very beneficial to the integrity of the brain; It increases the mental capacity of a person when he is included in the daily meals, as it works to relax and improve mood, and eating bananas is one of the beneficial foods for those who suffer from blood pressure because it contains potassium, and thus helps to reduce sodium in the body, and it works as a natural source of Urine and thus helps maintain blood pressure, and as it is suitable for those who suffer from anemia, it is rich in iron.

How to conserve bananas from black?

In fact, the issue of turning bananas into black is a troublesome issue for everyone, but it is simple and easy to treat the issue, all you need is the transparent cover used in cooking, cut a suitable amount of transparent cover and cover the banana stem with it and we mean the banana stem that is the solid part that is connected to it Bananas, and when taking bananas from it, you must cover the portion taken from it as well so that the rest of the banana does not prevail.