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How to dry Apricots Fruit?

How to dry apricots Fruit? How to dry apricots Fruit? How to dry apricots Fruit? G

Dry the apricots in the sun

The colour of apricots ranges from yellow to dark orange, with accents of red or pink, and the fruits vary in size between 3.81 cm to 6.35 cm and are distinguished by their wonderful taste, and due to the lack of apricot fruits throughout the year, some resort to drying them, Apricots can be dried in the sun by following these steps:

  • Choose good, totally unripe apricots, and clean them from sticky soil or pesticides, then cut the fruit into equal halves and remove the seed from it.
  • Apply the solution of ascorbic acid to the sliced ​​fruits, where two tablespoons of acid are placed for every four cups of water.
  • Put the fruits on butter paper, so that each pill is placed separately, then put them out of reach of children, dirt, insects, and just under the sun.
  • The drying process takes between two to four days, with the necessity of stirring the fruits well until they dry, and the fruits become wrinkled.

Dry the apricots in the oven

Apricots can be dried using the oven, and by following these steps:

  • Ripen the ripe apricot fruits thoroughly with cold water to clean them, dividing the apricot fruit in half, and removing the seeds inside.
  • Add vitamin C to the fruits of the apricots to protect their colour and prevent them from changing and keep the vitamins inside them not to be lost when dried. Move it well every minute.
  • Put the oven at a temperature of 60 ° C, and put the apricot fruits on the butter paper on the oven tray, and make sure to leave the oven door open, and leave it inside for a period ranging between 24 to 36 hours.

Store dried apricots

Apricots are stored after drying, after making sure that they have cooled completely, and put them in glass storage containers, and these containers should be shaken daily for two consecutive weeks, and when you notice any condensation or moisture, the apricots must be replaced in the sun for an hour or more before returning them For the bowl, and when ensuring that it is completely dry, apricot kernels are placed in plastic bags and kept at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less.