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Tree types and names

Tree types and names Tree types and names G

Benefits of trees

There are many trees that a person used in serving his interests, whether by taking them for decoration, or for treating various diseases, or as a food source for the human being, or used in making medical and cosmetic preparations, and their benefits are not limited to humans only but to other living organisms, such as animals and birds, so trees are considered a source Nutritionally for animals and birds, and a safe place to hide from enemies or use them as homes for them, and we will mention in this article a number of useful trees that number in the world about 3 trillion trees, and they are decreasing due to various human activities.

Tree types and names

The trees are many, many and endless, including:

  • Al- Suwak trees: It is a plant of the Arak family, which grows in hot regions, and is concentrated in the southeastern part of the desert of Egypt, and the valley in Makkah is mentioned in the noble prophetic year, and it has a number of benefits from it; a perfumed mouth and strengthens teeth.
  • Basil Tree (myrtle): It is considered one of the evergreen trees with an aromatic smell, its white flowers open in May, and its growth and maturity are complete in the fall season, it is found in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and Corsica, and its multiple benefits where it was used in the past to make wreaths presented at parties And, weddings, and celebration of some religious rituals, and its wood is used as a kind of incense, and some use their flowers to extract the water of salty, which is useful in caring for matters relating to the skin.
  • Daisy: it is called the daughter of the sun, the cotton tree, the virgin, or the tree of wisdom. It is found in the tropics under high temperatures, with a white flower from the middle surrounded by yellow leaves, which was used in the past to treat some female diseases and to treat fever, and indicating From some wounds.
  • Balsam tree: concentrated in areas with high temperatures, with a resinous juicer with its legs and branches.
  • Flower of the Spice Tree: There is this type of tree in the Arabian Peninsula, characterized by its yellow colour, and its pleasant smell.
  • Violet Tree: It is an aromatic plant that is distinguished by its white colour, or which tends to turn red depending on its type.
  • Elderberry: It is one of the trees used for decorative purposes, and used in the manufacture of lotions, and in the manufacture of perfume oil, found in Switzerland and northern Italy.
  • Appletree: Its origin is pink, has multiple benefits for the body and among them; it contains essential substances for the body such as calcium, sucrose, iron, potassium, vitamin G and B, and glucose.
  • Mulberry tree: It belongs to the cichlids, and it has white and black colours, with a delicious taste, eaten fresh, canned, or made from jams and juices.

There are a number of other trees such as calves, coral, walnut, poplar, pond, vinegar, lavender, bamboo, peach, elm, oleander, sesame, olives, orris, oaks, cacti, willow, sandalwood, jujube, almond, banana, The dead, the cockroach, the pomegranate, the orange, the cypress, the pine, the juniper, the oak, the beech, the chestnut, the maple, the fir, the pistachio, the cherry, the almond, the hazelnut, the oak, the bear, the rice, guava, camphor, jujube, grapes, mango and pistachios.